The age of Soaquarian, the age of So-a-quar-i-an…

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About me

I am Korean-Irish-Cherokee, with a southern drawl; an odd combination to say the least.

I am proudly a geek. My geek-fu is strong, but unremarkable. Pick the usual things that occur in your life and add them in anywhere, it’ll fit the story of my life for our purposes.The true magic of a life is in the details; if you are not me, you won’t understand and my words will not convince you.

But oh, the details.  I look more like my dad every day. I have outlived my parents. I have served my country. I have been brave, and I have been cowardly. I have sinned. I have been an ass. I have loved and been loved. I have had my heart broken, and disappointed others. I have known brilliance and folly. I have experienced cruelty and acts of kindness, both for no reason. I have been cruel;I have been kind. I have wept, and had my tears shared by strangers.

I didn’t change the world, even though I knew I would. I didn’t grow up to be a scientist or play for the Saints, even though I really wanted to. I never became a real-life Buckaroo Banzai, even though that was my goal. I am still optimistic about becoming an astronaut. I have grown a beard. It was a wonder to behold and I was sad to see it go. Twice.

Again, just like your life, the difference is only details. I am one of several billion, nothing special, but utterly unique. I would have to say life is possibility, and if it is not always good; it is always potentially magnificent.


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