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Obama Supporters are better at arts and crafts.

Posted by soaquarian on Friday, October 10, 2008

I teared up a little. If you don’t get it by now, nobody can help you. Same deal if you think the first minute is the good part.

I’m not some naive lad, I know this is 100% propaganda. But it is GOOD propaganda. It is also 100% better propaganda, both in quality and subject, than Steve Schmidt and the RNC is pushing. I have no doubts as to where me and my family fall in his equation. It sums up what I like about Obama, he is a mirror I measure my own behavior against, I want to be a better person because of the person he is. I am truly sad at what has happened to the party of Lincoln and John McCain, both of whom I respected at one time. Not anymore, probably never again.

Update: My friend let me know I forgot to cite my source, Thanks to DailyKos user Terre


2 Responses to “Obama Supporters are better at arts and crafts.”

  1. Sonya said

    Yeah. I’m all weepy now. I’m going to lift this in it’s entirety for my blog. 🙂 Full credit to you of course.

  2. soaquarian said

    Oops, I forgot to cite (I claim emotional disruption; it took a while to set up and I get more sappy each time I watch it). Thanks for reminding me (I will take credit for spreading it).

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