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I was wrong, maybe.

Posted by soaquarian on Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bridget McCain was with her mom at the RNC! I actually saw her for 5 minutes on C-SPAN! Of course, that was the only time I saw her with her mom, was when she came in and then sat in the row behind her, but she is physically there, probably still.

I was soooo wrong. In my defense, I did not in my wildest dreams, expect the tactic of selecting Sarah Palin and reverting to the ‘God, guns, and gays’ tactic. Well, if it ain’t broke….Genius move, using two of your kids to further your conservitive agenda. Trig and Bristol were worth at least $10 million to McCain. Golf claps all around, good job. Sarah Palin and John McCain are a trainwreck of policy, and they could win.

I had about two pages of the most foul, vitrolic, stream-of-counscousness diatribe railing against all the many issues I have with what I have seen over the past few days in the bloggosphere and on TV. For my own sanity, I have put it in a word doc, only for me to view, that I will keep adding to during the campaign. For sucinctness sake, it boils down to two things.


  1. Kids should be off-limits (on both sides, for or against).
  2. Quit patting yourselves on the back whilst jerking off in my flag. Please.


One thing I did  find funny, disgusting, and tragic. McCain hired Tucker Eskew. The funny is he hired him to be Palin’s handler. The disgusting part is this is the guy behind the push polling in South Carolina insinuating McCain had a illigitimate black child while he was campaigning with Bridget McCain (hint, she’s dark). The tragedy for America is, if anyone can spin her, he is the guy.


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