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SciFi Channel does it to me again

Posted by soaquarian on Sunday, August 24, 2008

I have just watched Leprechaun 4: In Space. I am dumber now than I was this morning. I had a cup of coffee, watched Meet the Press, and generally must have felt I had too many neurons, so let’s turn on Sci Fi and have my newly stimulated dendrites wither on the vine.

I have watched a lot of bad scifi and generally dumb movies in my life (it’s my burden), but this is near the tops in sheer idiocy, lack of imagination, and formulaicly trite plot. It steals parts from some good movies (Aliens, Army of Darkness, Re-animator), and executes it poorly. It doesn’t even TRY, goddamn it, to be good. It’s not bad enough to be camp, it’s just dumb, D-U-M, dumb.

It’s still not up there with I Know Who Killed Me. I still don’t recall what happened after the first 15 minutes of that movie, you know, right after the director decided we needed to see the naked cat’s balls. Not just the first 15 minutes of the movie, in my life, also. It’s like my brain blocked it all out, like some horrible dream, to protect me or something. It would explain why my wife says I wake up in a cold sweat saying, “You got to be SHITTING me! That’s IT?! I thought that was too STUPID to be the twist an hour ago!” I figure it is either that movie or flashbacks of the 1980 Saints; I don’t want to go through either again.

Oh dear god, now they are playing the first one. Nice to see the stereotypes of the drunken Irish haven’t changed. Jennifer Aniston was in this one. I may be able to watch…Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer doooo, I’m..half…cra-zy….all….for…..the……love…….of…….yooouuu………….


3 Responses to “SciFi Channel does it to me again”

  1. Jeni Miller said

    Hahahaha!! I loved reading this – My friend (who is not a sci-fi fan and always makes fun of me for this passion of mine) called me and laughed about seeing this on the channel listings. She read the description of the movie and was barely able to speak to me – cracking up on the phone. UGH – This is the reason so many people don’t take the Sci-fi Channel seriously – They keep putting these ridiculously idiotic movies (and their even “stupider” sequels) on every week! C’mon!! There are so many excellent sci-fi movies out there…It would be great if they actually took themselves more seriously so the rest of us can, too… UGH – Now I’ll never convince my friend there’s quality on this channel!!

  2. soaquarian said

    Wow, my first post from someone I don’t personally know (I think). Welcome. I wish SciFi did a better job; I would be OK with the Eureka/BSG/Farscape/Firefly/Buffy/Angel channel with a little less Stargate, but they don’t ask me. Yes, it’s a lot of Joss, but dammit, he’s good. John Scalzi briefly holds forth on this subject here better than I can.

  3. soaquarian said

    I must have miscoded the link, here it is

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