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Go tell it fabulously on the mountain…

Posted by soaquarian on Saturday, August 16, 2008

So I am having a glass of ice water outside, thinking about nothing and it hits me. Homosexuals and Christians have a lot in common (except for the gay sex thing, that is mostly a LGBT trait).

Where did this revelation come from? Well, I  had just finished reading through some comments on a social networking site and realized that one person related everything to God in some way. While it was percolating through my empty thoughts, it reminded me of a woman I know who relates everything to being a lesbian in some way, and, boom, there I am.

Anyway, what convoluted paths does my mind walk to claim they are similar? Easy.

  1. Both groups have people that feel a need to “witness” about their status (usually inappropriately).
    1. I mean really, it is obvious you are (insert group here) by the way you live your life (and the fact that you are making sure I know right now), What you need to realize is that I just don’t care. I’m married and Zen Buddhist if anything; your cause just doesn’t apply to me, no matter how much you think it does.
  2. Both groups have their own specific symbols, vestments, and rituals that are a little weird to outsiders.
    1. I know what a “bishop” and a “bottom” are, kinda, but I don’t know that I could recognize either on sight. Christians have crosses, LGBT’s have triangles; both have rainbows. Each group has their own sects and branches, and one thing they have in common is they think members of other sects are wrong.
  3. There are places in the world where being either can mean a death sentence, or at least a really, really, unpleasant sentence. That includes the USA.
    1. You would think this would make Christians understand LGBT’s more. For the most part, it really doesn’t (it may be because of the gay sex thing).

Since we are all humans and certain things are common to everyone; being part of a particular demographic really has no bearing on most subjects.

‘But, being (insert group here) has everything to do with it. It is who I am, it defines me’ you say.

Which group does that apply to? See, makes more sense now, huh?

I really think that the LGBT community needs to model their movement after the early Christian movement instead of the black civil rights movement. Besides really annoying some of their most vocal critics, they would get less push-back (ba-dup-bump) in some ways, and it would be harder for fundamentalists to criticize what they do (again, except for the entire gay sex thing, that probably will not change).

Currently, I would say LGBT’s are like Christians about 300 AD, say around when Constantine said it was OK to be Christian, but you probably still got your ass kicked if you were around the wrong people. You were more comfortable around intellectuals, and didn’t talk much about what you did on the weekends if you wanted to keep your job. Fast forward a few centuries and now you’re in the role of the Romans. What do you do?

So, if the time-lines progress in a similar way, LGBT’s should become mostly accepted in the next decade or two, a major governmental leader will out themselves while in office, and a few hundred years from now LGBT’s will be the dominant lifestyle in the western world.

I shudder to think what the LGBT equivalents of the Inquisition and Crusades are going to be like.


One Response to “Go tell it fabulously on the mountain…”

  1. Heather said

    L-O-V-E I-T !!!

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