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Being “that guy” and a Ned Beatty reference

Posted by soaquarian on Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tonight is the night that my wife convinced me that I have resisted this blogging thing enough. Evidently, my attempt to subversively brand myself by getting the same user name on everything I can get a log in for has been discovered, and she expects me to actually use some of these accounts, as opposed to chortling evilly whilst… well, it gets a little hazy as to what I was really wanting  to accomplish in the first place.

I worry that I may become “that guy”; you know, the one that you start talking to (real people, not myspace people) , and think is kinda o.k., right up to the point they say, “hey, you should check out my blog.”

I know that guy is inside me, he’s standing right next to the guy in combat boots wearing the concert t-shirt, band logo hat, with the album cover on the back of his jacket.

Regardless, she talked me into it, my unemployment and concurrent lack of a creative outlet is entirely coincidental, and if asked, I blame her. So should you.

I also decided on the name for a company. “BANJO!” Exactly like that, with the exclamation point, it’s important. I don’t know what the company does yet (I’m sensing a pattern here), or if anything else is named that, but I figured it is a great name. I’m excited! I tell my sweetness the name and ask her what she thinks.

She’s noncommittal. I need for her to be excited too! It’s one reason I got married.

Trying to pass on some of the joy,  I ask “Well, what’s the first thing you think of when you hear the title?”

“One word. Deliverance

I arch an eyebrow as best I can, ” Well, obviously, you would not be my target customer.”


One Response to “Being “that guy” and a Ned Beatty reference”

  1. duranfan said

    Well, it’s about freaking time. Brilliant, baby. Brilliant.

    Now will you please friend me on facebook and myspace?

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